“I was diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in March 2016 after months of horrible constipation and many tests that resulted in no diagnosis. I was very depressed and hopeless. When I was diagnosed, the colon surgeon who did the testing told me Physical Therapy was the treatment. Most of the PT's I called only worked on urinary incontinence. Lauren was trained in the bowel issue. Lauren gave me my life back. I had no hope but her encouragement and expertise healed me within a short period of time. I am forever grateful to the best physical therapist in the world!” - Mary

“Lauren is quite literally a life saver. I had a pelvic injury that was misdiagnosed for quite some time, and I was in pain and scared when I came to Lauren. Her unwavering positivity, her great skill, and her willingness to listen changed my life. She is a skilled physical therapist, and she is very attuned to her patient's needs. She was always willing to answer my questions, and she reached out to me via email when I was worried. She made me feel like everything was going to be all right, and then she helped me get there. I'm pain free because of Lauren. I can't recommend her highly enough.” - Jessica

“NOVA Integrative Physical Therapy offers high quality holistic care in a supportive environment. Lauren is an amazing physical therapist and takes the time to individualize her approach to patients. I really appreciate her kindness and skill, and have learned a lot from her!” - Charlotte

“Ever since dealing with prostate inflammation issues, I ended up with muscular tightness in my hip—I tried various modalities of physical therapy—but the pain was never fully relieved. So I finally tried Pelvic Floor Therapy, which I was initially intimidated about. Lauren turned out to be such an experienced professional, and easily explained the cause and methods of my concerns. Over the course of various appointments, I was able to experience relief in the muscular tightness that had built up over years. I wish I would have gone sooner. Thank you Lauren for your contributions to my healing!” -Anonymous Male